A Word About My Post Types

I only have a few posts up so far, but based on those and other ideas I have, it looks like I’m going to have a few different series going on here at The Inner Scientist. These different series have slightly different goals, so I’ll just take some time to explain them.

Science Book Reviews: self-explanatory. I enjoy reading about science and I’ll be reviewing books as I read them. I’ll eventually link between this blog and my Goodreads account as I post more reviews. These will be formally structured reviews (as opposed to my normal Goodreads reviews which are just quick blurbs about my impressions). I’ll also write reviews for science books I’ve already read. (Look for Carl Safina’s Beyond Words and Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction, among others, in the coming weeks).

Science Events: Whenever I attend special science-related events I’ll write a short post about my experience and relay some advice for finding similar events. These posts are for anyone who is looking for something new to do that’s related to science and want an impression of what some of these events are like before participating.

I’m also planning a few other post types. This will include science tourism, where I’ll review or offer advice on different locations I visit. It’ll also include my experiences in citizen science and science-based volunteering (for anyone interested in embarking on similar community service ventures).

One again, please comment on my posts or contact me if you have any advice of your own or recommendations for places, books, or websites to check out. As this blog continues I’ll be looking to get involved in a larger online community of science enthusiasts.

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