As humans, we all have an innate, hungry curiosity (even if, for some, it’s locked away in the dank caverns of our psyche). I believe there are productive ways we can live life engaging with this curiosity and feeding our sense of discovery. I believe we all can attain a sort of inner scientist.


My name is Keygan Sands, former science student and eternal science enthusiast. The Inner Scientist is an attempt to spread a culture of engagement in science, our species’ most powerful form of discovery and most potent vehicle for curiosity.

I engage as often as I can in citizen science efforts; look here for personal experiences as well as general information on citizen science. Also look for my thoughts and tips on integrating science into daily life.

Please contact me if you have a blog or site you’d like to share and are a scientist, science enthusiast, science communicator, or just generally have a curious mind; I’m looking to build and join networks of those who want to celebrate the spirit of lifelong discovery.

For more information, check out my Mission Statement.